The results are in—JP2 voting is closed

The retroactive airdrop has been approved

January 25th, 2024

Last Wednesday voting kicked off for our second community proposal.

The results are in and 97.67% of Sky Club NFT holders who voted were in favor of the Medallion airdrop. For this airdrop our goal is to continue to seed Medallions into the hands of community members that are contributing to JUMP's ecosystem.

In this proposal, we identified two important actions that have contributed to our collective efforts.

Minting a Jumper ID Badge

First up is everyone that has minted a Jumper ID Badge.

Community testing and feedback is super important. Those who minted a badge have helped battle test what we've built.

Jumper ID Badges are minted on Polygon and they're given to anyone who creates a profile on our platform. They're free to mint and each badge's meta data is numbered in the order it is minted.

Thank you to everyone who has created a profile and minted a badge! You'll be receiving 50 Medallions in the wallet that holds your Jumper ID Badge.

Publishing a post

Next up are those who have published a post on this platform. Anyone who is a member of our Sky Club group has the ability to publish a post.

Being able to share ideas you're thinking about, or projects that you're working on, is critical to helping community members connect with each other. Our platform is like your local coffee shop. It is a place where you know you're not going to be bombarded with a bunch of noise and you'll bump into interesting people.

I assure you, every single person who has published a post on this platform is a kick-ass human, and someone that you'd really enjoy getting to know.

Those who have published a post will receive 250 Medallions per post — up to five posts. Medallions will be airdropped to the wallet that holds your Sky Club NFT.

Next steps

The plan is to airdrop Medallions next week. You'll be able to use your Medallions to mint Icon 002, which is our NOUNS x JUMP generative PFP.

We're also getting very close to launching the Medallion Shop. This homegrown shop will house NFTs that embody our community's story and culture. More on this coming soon!

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