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What our members are saying

Shreyas Gavit

Product Marketing Manager


JUMP is not just a community of marketers but its home to some of the smartest and most passionate people I’ve ever met in Web3. It’s helped me go from being an observer, to a contributor, to a builder in the space. I highly recommend this inclusive place for professionals of all levels to genuinely connect and grow together

Kolby Tracey

Marketing Coordinator

@ Serotonin

JUMP has shown me that community goes beyond mere connection—it's about progressing together. This community is a catalyst for career growth, a wellspring of inspiration, and a gateway to a network of brilliant individuals committed to learning together. I've never experienced anything, online or off, as valuable as the JUMP community.

Kim (Wong) Aimi

Sr. Director, Experiential Marketing - Global Sponsorship & Strategy

@ Visa

I joined JUMP because it’s a great place for curated Web3 content and a great community for brand marketers like me who are navigating this space. I find the JUMP community such a valuable resource for the most relevant news, honest insights and product intros that I’m able to apply in both my personal and work projects.

Josh Seff

Senior Director, Team Technology and Innovation

@ National Basketball Association (NBA)

Technology is constantly evolving. Keeping track of all the latest developments and understanding their impact requires a collective effort. The JUMP community serves as this collaborative hub. The network of passionate professionals have created a culture of collective empowerment. This has become my primary source for updates, knowledge share, and analysis.

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