Retroactive Medallion Airdrop Proposal (JP2)

Proposal #2 is live!

January 18th, 2024


If this proposal passes, an airdrop of JUMP Medallions will be distributed into the hands of active community members prior to the NOUNS x JUMP generative PFP launch. Medallions can be burned to mint this PFP, which will leverage our custom built cross-chain burn-to-mint experience. More on this in the coming weeks!

Link to proposal on Snapshot.

What are we voting on?

  • Community members who have minted a Jumper ID Badge — receive an airdrop of 50 Medallions

  • Contributors who have posted on jumpnation.xyz — receive an airdrop of 250 Medallions per post, up to 5 posts per person

Those who have minted a badge or created a post on or before January 16, 2024 qualify for the airdrop.


Vote yes to make it rain and distribute the Medallion airdrop. Vote no if you want to block this proposal's airdrop strategy. Majority wins!

How long will the voting window be open?

Voting ends on January 24th.

Voter Reward: 20 Medallions

All voters will receive 20 Medallions. As mentioned above, you'll be able to burn your Medallions to mint the upcoming NOUNS x JUMP generative PFP.

Who can vote?

Sky Club NFT holders


For Sky Club members, Medallions will be airdropped to the wallet that holds your Sky Club NFT.

For everyone else, Medallions will be airdropped to the wallet that holds your Jumper ID Badge.

The airdrop will take place after voting ends for this proposal. An announcement of the airdrop will be made via Twitter, Discord, and our newsletter.

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