Web3 SEO with Aaron Barefoot

Strategies for Organic Discoverability, including AI

February 1st, 2024

In a recent episode of the "Web3 CMO Stories Podcast," hosted by Joeri Billast, an intriguing conversation unfolded with Aaron Barefoot, the co-founder of Cold Chain, a Web3 Digital Marketing Agency. This discussion delved into the intricacies of Web3 SEO and its significant differences from traditional SEO, providing a wealth of insights for anyone keen on harnessing the evolving landscape of digital marketing.

What is Web3 SEO?

Aaron Barefoot begins by defining Web3 SEO as the process of optimizing digital content to be easily discoverable in the realm of blockchain protocols, NFT collections, and decentralized technologies. Unlike traditional SEO, which mainly focuses on ranking in conventional search engines like Google, Web3 SEO encompasses a broader spectrum, including platforms like Brave, Yahoo, or Baidu.

The Challenges and Strategies

1) Regulatory Hurdles in Advertising

Aaron highlights the challenges Web3 companies face with paid advertising, given the stringent regulations and the likelihood of ads being rejected or accounts suspended on platforms like Google and Facebook. This situation makes SEO a more reliable and cost-effective strategy for Web3 businesses.

2) Decentralized vs. Centralized Search Engines

While centralized search engines like Google dominate the market, Barefoot notes the emergence of decentralized options like Presearch. He acknowledges that while these platforms offer a smaller reach, they present early opportunities for businesses to establish a presence.

3) Transparency and SEO

Barefoot questions Google's transparency, citing its complex algorithm and the shift towards more privacy-conscious platforms. This shift could herald a more decentralized web, where user data privacy is paramount.

4) Leveraging AI for Content Creation

Aaron discusses using AI for content creation, which can help bridge the gap between high-quality content and well-optimized SEO content. This strategy enables smaller businesses to compete effectively against larger players who dominate generic, high-volume search terms.

Building a Niche with Long Tail SEO

Aaron emphasizes the power of long-tail SEO in Web3, suggesting that targeting niche, zero-search keywords can surprisingly drive traffic. By focusing on emerging technologies and unique offerings, businesses can establish themselves in less crowded, yet relevant, search spaces.

The Role of Community in Web3 SEO

Unlike traditional businesses, Web3 entities can leverage their communities more effectively. Platforms like Discord and Telegram can be used to drive awareness and traffic, capitalizing on the loyal and engaged nature of these communities.

The Future of SEO in Web3

Looking ahead, Aaron sees a continued interplay between traditional and Web3 SEO. As the landscape evolves, the importance of adapting to new platforms and technologies while maintaining a presence on established ones like Google remains crucial.


This episode of the "Web3 CMO Stories Podcast" with Aaron Barefoot offered valuable insights into the evolving world of Web3 SEO. It highlighted the importance of understanding new digital marketing strategies, leveraging AI, and the role of community in building a successful Web3 presence. As the digital landscape continues to change, these insights will be invaluable for businesses looking to adapt and thrive in the Web3 era.

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