RYO: An Ancient Japanese Currency… Re-born for the Digital Age

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May 17th, 2024

In today's issue, we'll explore how the RYO project aims to simplify cryptocurrency for the masses through its unique and expansive ecosystem. As Lani Dizon, co-founder of Zenza Capital and the RYO project, explains, the goal is to make crypto easy to understand and use in people's daily lives, much like how platforms like Hotmail and Facebook made the internet accessible to the masses.

TLDR Section

  • Understand the challenges RYO aims to solve in the crypto space

  • Explore the components of the RYO ecosystem, including the Life Wallet, e-commerce platform, and crypto ATM network

  • Learn about RYO community-building strategies and upcoming milestones

Overcoming Crypto's Usability Challenges

Despite the exponential growth of the crypto space, it remains complicated for the average person. Lani believes this is because people are too focused on understanding the underlying technology rather than using crypto as a peer-to-peer digital money system. Achieving simplicity and usability for mass adoption is the true test, and RYO aims to achieve this by creating an ecosystem that makes crypto accessible for everyday transactions.

The RYO Ecosystem

RYO has developed a unique, user-friendly, and expansive ecosystem that allows RYO to be used for day-to-day transactions through its proprietary digital Life Wallet. This wallet connects to Ryo's first-of-its-kind crypto-friendly e-commerce platform and is fortified by the first FSA-approved license to build a crypto ATM network in Japan.

The Life Wallet incorporates chat services, the ability to send RYO and other cryptocurrencies, a built-in connect feature for accessing websites and social media platforms, and a referral friend feature for earning rewards. This multi-functional platform aims to enhance user engagement while keeping it user-friendly.

Community Building and Upcoming Milestones

RYO has been passionately educating people through seminars across Japan about cryptocurrency and blockchain, bridging the gap between the young and old generations. The project has built a strong following of enthusiasts from all age groups who are proud to be part of this world-changing project.

Lani is excited about the upcoming launch of RYO's first-ever crypto convertible bond, created in collaboration with top law firms. This bond allows people to get involved and obtain RYO at the lowest price before the public launch, with the option to choose between Ryo or equity in the company upon conversion.

Wrap Up

Today's key learnings:

  • RYO aims to simplify crypto for the masses by focusing on usability and convenience rather than the underlying technology.

  • The RYO ecosystem includes a user-friendly Life Wallet, e-commerce platform, and crypto ATM network, making crypto accessible for everyday transactions.

  • RYO has built a strong community in Japan through educational seminars and is now expanding globally.

  • The upcoming crypto convertible bond offers an opportunity to get involved with RYO before the public launch. Send me a message on X if you're interested!

PS: Full show notes: https://webdrie.net/ryo-an-ancient-japanese-currency-re-born-for-the-digital-age-with-lani-dizon/

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