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Do you consider yourself a leader who is passionate about contributing to community led organizations?

Are you obsessed with the future of technology, culture, and building great brands?

Then consider joining our outstanding community members in Sky Club!

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We're building an on-chain network

Sky Club is home to those in the JUMP community who want to go the extra mile and explore new frontiers with like-minded people.

Ideal members are marketing and advertising professionals from enterprise brands, advertising agencies, startups, and blockchains.

We believe on-chain networks are the future. To us tokens represent a new kind of social graph. When a group of people hold the same token, they are connected on-chain.

As more app interfaces read and react to on-chain data, token networks will come to life in new and surprising ways. The use cases are hard to predict. Many people ask, “Why mint? Why join?” … our response is that we're explorers. We know that we must be connected on-chain, and an on-chain connection will increasingly open novel use cases that are only made possible by web3.

Those who mint our Sky Club NFT are more interested in discovering those possibilities with us, rather than being told what they are today.

Our Sky Club NFT holders represent the heart beat of our community—and the best part is that we're connected on-chain, forever.

Our application process insures that we bring together people within the marketing industry. After applying, your application will be fed into a token-gated portal where current Sky Club NFT holders will review and approve your application.

Once approved, you'll be able to mint the Sky Club NFT. After minting, you'll have lifetime access to Sky Club. You might be saying, “wow, lifetime access, that's great, most communities charge annual membership fees!”

Sky Club is not your normal membership—it is designed to create an on-chain connection between the earliest and most committed individuals within the JUMP community. We want this connection to last for the rest of your career. Sky Club members are the type of people who value building and fostering long-lasting relationships more than anything else.

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