JUMP Flag Mint

A community celebration for the launch of jumpnation.xyz

December 18th, 2023


This flag was created to celebrate the launch of jumpnation.xyz. It is a symbol of our vibrant community, depicted in an animated NFT with the flag blowing in the wind. Sky Club contributors voted on one of three design options for the flag in our first ever community Snapshot vote. Those who voted and participated in this co-creation moment were awarded 20 JUMP Medallions, which can be burned to mint the flag. For those that do not have Medallions, the flag can be minted with ETH or USD.

Today is a big day! We have several community firsts happening at the same time as we launch this flag. Let me summarize them for you before we get into the details:

  • We launched our first community vote on Snapshot

  • Our co-creation and reward token was airdropped for the first time (JUMP Medallions)

  • The flag is the first NFT that can be minted by burning Medallions

Let's jump into the details.

Snapshot vote

For our first community Snapshot vote, we wanted it to be fun and celebratory. You can review the full proposal here.

In this proposal, Sky Club holders voted on three design options for the flag, with flag option #1 receiving 51.92% of the votes. If you're not familiar with Sky Club, this NFT is held by our contributors. These people are leading marketing and advertising professionals who are helping co-create the future of JUMP's community and culture.

Flag #1 is now a symbol of our vibrant community, depicted in an animated NFT with the flag blowing in the wind.

To express our gratitude to those who participated in the vote, each voter has received an airdrop of 20 JUMP Medallions. These Medallions serve as a token of appreciation for your contribution to shaping the future of our community and culture.


Medallion Airdrop

Each Sky Club holder who voted received an airdrop of 20 Medallions. This is an ERC-1155 NFT on Polygon. Here's the collection page on OpenSea.

To view your Medallions on OpenSea, you may need to unhide them within your hidden folder.


Minting the Flag with Medallions

If you're holding JUMP Medallions, you can use them to mint the flag by burning 10 Medallions.

Within the minting flow, select "Mint with Medallions," and switch to the Polygon chain if necessary.

Acquiring Medallions

For those who want more Medallions or did not participate in the Snapshot vote, Medallions might be available on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Minting the Flag with ETH or USD

The flag is also available to mint using ETH or USD using a credit card. The price is denominated in ETH at 0.007, translating to approximately $15 USD at the current market price for ETH.

Looking ahead

Here are a few things to keep an eye on in the coming weeks:

  1. 1. Our next community proposal will be going live soon. In this proposal we'll be voting on a retroactive Medallion airdrop. Everyone who votes will also receive a Medallion voter reward.

  1. 2. Icon 002 will be launching in January. For this Icon moment we're spotlighting the Nouns brand with the launch of a JUMP x Nouns generative PFP. Medallions can be burned to mint this NFT.

  1. 3. A Snapshot vote will be held to determine Icon 003. This is a particularly big moment for our community as it will mark the first time Sky Club holders transition into the decision making role for selecting Icons. Nike was Icon 001, Nouns is Icon 002, who will be Icon 003?

That's all for now! If you need help or have questions about minting the flag, you can get support in Discord in our Help Desk channel.

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