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JUMP is a vibrant community for brand marketers, agency professionals, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about web3. By joining us, you'll help shape the future of our community while gaining access to a world class network.

Our community is powered by individuals who come from leading brands, agencies, blockchains, and startups, making it a diverse and innovative space for collaboration.

Our community

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Paurav Joshi

Beatriz Martin

Alexandra Dennett

Matthew Fox

Rory O'Brien

Gregory Johnson

Travis McElroy

Jack Gallagher

Amanda Lulewicz

Isaac Lazoff

Andras Dietrich

David Becker

Vishal Edke

Joel Sola

Shane Hennessy

Israel Biton

Tristan Tao

Chinmay Patel

JOSEPH Casanova

Orel Dorf

Rich Feldman

Christian Brent

Hadrien Royo

Erick Brownstein

Agalia Tan

stephane zermatten

Liya Safina

Sohail Shaikh

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Himalay Thakkkar

Emily Swank

Greg Broen

Lena Grundhoefer

Radar Monica

Ana Velez

Ellis Mbeh

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Each badge is numbered in the order that it is minted.

If you'd like to go deeper and get more involved in our community, we encourage you to apply to Sky Club. Our Sky Club NFT holders are our most passionate community members and sit at the heart of our community.

How it started and where we're going

The idea for JUMP was born in 2020, before the meteoric rise of web3.

During the early days of web3, connecting with experienced marketers familiar with the term, let alone those who had minted an NFT, was quite the challenge.

A community was needed to help brand marketers and agency professionals “jump” into web3—you can see where our name came from! As brand strategists, the name JUMP also gives us flexibility to evolve as technology advances. We aim to relentlessly “jump” into the future in everything we do.

In January 2021, Seed Club, web3's leading consumer crypto accelerator invited JUMP to join its second cohort. During the accelerator, the building blocks for our on-chain future were formed. More importantly though, we became alumni of arguably the most innovative accelerator in the industry.

By joining JUMP, you're becoming part of a network that extends far beyond our own community. One that spans both the legacy brand world as well as the most innovative edges of crypto.

By January 2022, Morning Brew featured us in an article, calling JUMP the best community for marketers to learn about web3. Business Insider also recognized JUMP as a top community for marketers passionate about future technologies.

Sky Club takes flight

In August 2022, we took the step towards becoming an on-chain community with the launch of our Sky Club NFT. Those who minted, as well as those who mint today, go through our application process. We're a people first community and focus on the human connections first and foremost.

Our application process insures that we bring together people within the marketing industry first and foremost. Marketers are the people who will take web3 mainstream. We work alongside brilliant developers to craft experiences that everyday people will love, while also fulling the business needs of the brands we operate within.

What our members are saying

Shreyas Gavit

Product Marketing Manager


JUMP is not just a community of marketers but its home to some of the smartest and most passionate people I’ve ever met in Web3. It’s helped me go from being an observer, to a contributor, to a builder in the space. I highly recommend this inclusive place for professionals of all levels to genuinely connect and grow together

Kolby Tracey

Marketing Coordinator

@ Serotonin

JUMP has shown me that community goes beyond mere connection—it's about progressing together. This community is a catalyst for career growth, a wellspring of inspiration, and a gateway to a network of brilliant individuals committed to learning together. I've never experienced anything, online or off, as valuable as the JUMP community.

Kim (Wong) Aimi

Sr. Director, Experiential Marketing - Global Sponsorship & Strategy

@ Visa

I joined JUMP because it’s a great place for curated Web3 content and a great community for brand marketers like me who are navigating this space. I find the JUMP community such a valuable resource for the most relevant news, honest insights and product intros that I’m able to apply in both my personal and work projects.

Josh Seff

Senior Director, Team Technology and Innovation

@ National Basketball Association (NBA)

Technology is constantly evolving. Keeping track of all the latest developments and understanding their impact requires a collective effort. The JUMP community serves as this collaborative hub. The network of passionate professionals have created a culture of collective empowerment. This has become my primary source for updates, knowledge share, and analysis.

On-chain social graphs

To us tokens represent a new kind of social graph. When a group of people hold the same token, they are connected on-chain.

As more app interfaces read and react to on-chain data, token networks will come to life in new and surprising ways. The use cases are hard to predict. Many people ask, “why mint? why join?” … our response is that we're explorers. We know that we must be connected on-chain, and that this will increasingly open novel use cases that are only made possible by web3.

Those who mint our Sky Club NFT are more interested in discovering those possibilities with us, rather than being told what they are today.

Our Sky Club NFT holders represent the heart beat of our community—and the best part is that we're connected on-chain, forever.

Our new community platform

For nearly two years, we've called Discord our home. It was our token-gated sanctuary where we discussed industry trends, experimented, and got to know each other.

Now, with the launch of our new community platform—the app you're currently using—we're ready for our next chapter.

Web3 is on the cusp of mass adoption. The progress made since 2020 is nothing short of inspiring. Those who lay a strong foundation before blockchain and crypto permeate every corner of the internet will be operating by a new set of rules that cannot be learned overnight.

Web3 ushers in an entirely new internet experience. Individuals and companies are creating advantages right now that will result in competitive benefits for decades to come.

For marketers, trailblazers, and pioneers who are interested in shaping the future, you're in the right place.